Part Two of My Construction Site

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building construction

Yes, it is fully operational for sky-watching. The sky is clear, and the telescopes are ready.

building construction

This is a close-up shot taken while the roof was opened. The roof operates with the use of a 2hp wench electric motor which is attached to a cable system.


This is the telescope room. It measures 13' x 16', and it stores two telescopes. The telescope to the right is a 10" Orion reflector telescope operating at f/4.5. The telescope to the left, which has not been completely assembled, has an Orion EQ-G computerized mount with a 10" astrograph tube that I will using.


This is the "command center" where I will be spending many nights. I did not cut any corners on my computer, because I knew I would be needing a lot of speed to run multiple softwares at once, while also surfing the web.

control center

This is where I will do all my work on the photos that I will be taking.

command center

These are some astrophotos that I have taken in my spare time.

control room

This is another one of my passions. If you are not a member of AAVSO (The American Association Of Variable Star Observers), then you should consider becoming a member.

telescope 02

This is the set-up that I use to take images on a clear night.

telescope parts

The top imager is a SBIG 402ST ccd imager which drives the mount while I am taking pictures.

telescope parts

This is a close-up view of my telescope.The white cable coming from the side of the 10" telesocpe tube is also attached to a TCF-S Temperature Compensated Focuser. The purpose of this equipment is to allow the camera to be focused with the use of a remote computer.The white cable has a probe on the end which is connected to the tube. While the camera is imaging the sky, the probe monitors the temperature of the tube and refocuses the camera as the temperature changes throughout the night.

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