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Hello, my name is Antoine and I have been interested in Astronomy all my life. About 7 years ago my wife bought me a 2" Meade Telescope from Walmart for my birthday. It came with a night sky software which assists with finding objects in the sky. On the first clear night I took the telescope out to see the moon. I got hooked on sky watching, but the only problem was that when I found Saturn, it did not look like it does in magazine pictures. Because the view of Saturn was very dim and not as large as I would have liked, I thought something was wrong with the telescope. So, I started doing research of the internet and discovered that I needed a larger telescope in orded to get a larger and more detailed view of the objects in the sky. My budget was limited, so I ended up getting a 10" orion telescope. That is when my star-gazing journey began. One thing I have learned about this hobby is that a lot of reading is required because the subject matter involves the entire universe.

I was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana and I have been living here all my life. I have a beautiful wife to whom I have been married for 10 years. I also have one son and one daughter. I attended Grambling State University where I majored in drafting technology and minored in architecture.

I work for a environmental company in the transportation department. I am a supervisor for the trucking division of the company.