Welecome to my website! I hope you enjoy the astrophotos that I have taken so far. I am in the Louisiana area, and if you live in this area, you know that the skies are very unpredictable and the humidity is very bad. However, I work around all these conditions to get some imaging done when I can. The best time to take pictures is in the winter and in June, July, and August.


This is the new home for my 10-inch astrograph computerize telescope. This observatory houses two telescopes: one is for imaging and one is for visual variable star observations.

The computerize telescope is operated in a enclosed 10' x 16' command center. I use TheSky 6 software to operate the mount and a Canon Rebel T2i camera to take images.

Come on and take that journey with me by clicking the construction link to see how it all got started.